Picture of a woman in New Delhi, India

The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' refers to the notion that an idea that can be conveyed with just a single
still image. The photographer Kristian Bertel tells about a picture that may be worth a thousand words.

- With the picture of this Indian woman with her child on the stairs of a New Delhi subway station brings me the feelings of poverty and motherhood no matter what the terms of her life is. When photographing people and strangers as they really are, because it is the first time I meet them, a lot of things gets on my mind. Is this their normal life conditions living a day by day life on a stairway in India or are they just caught with my camera in a certain momentarily situation? It may be a guessing game, however it is an interesting thought.

More about the picture from India 
The picture was taken at Connaught Place in Delhi, which is a beautiful structure from the time of Britishers reformed into one of the premier market place in Delhi. Everything you could possibly ever want is on offer here in the circuit. From street sellers to boutique shops and factory outlets, Connaught Place is the place to shop and sightsee in Delhi. It's also full of people, from everywhere in the world and all walks of life. There are some very old shop fronts, but not many are left. Most have been replaced with glass and steel, which is sad, but probably was necessary. A few institutions remain, hidden on some of the outer rings of the circuit. Countless people inside corridoors of Connaught Place and more cars on the roads around, made me think that where did all these people come from.

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